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Direct Mail Is Still Going Strong

There are a plethora of ways to market yourself today, most of which are digital. Social media, email campaigns, and Pay-Per-Click, just to name a few. Even with all of these digital mediums, there is one physical medium that has yet to die out. On the contrary, it is making a comeback. Direct mail is advertising sent directly to customers and has always been very successful.

With the creation of email, direct mail marketing started to slip in use once marketers figured out that they can use this new medium to advertise to their customers at a much cheaper rate than before. Since then, almost every advertiser out there uses email to advertise which clutters up your emails on the daily basis. Now because of this, people are looking forward to getting physical mail again. Below I've listed some great facts and reasons as to why you should start sending out direct mail again.

1. Millennials Want More

  • Around 36% of people under the age of 30 look forward to getting the mail everyday.

  • 66% are more likely to remember their voucher they got if it's a physical one they can carry around.

  • 23% bought or ordered something as a result of receiving something in the mail within the last year.

Just think about it, since growing up the millennials have used email more often than they have physical mail. And if they're anything like me, they have hundreds to thousands of unread marketing emails from anyone and everyone. Having something physical in your hands helps make a connection and create a more memorable advert than a digital piece they may never see.

2. Women Are #1

  • 91% of all mail is picked up by the same person everyday. 80% of those people are women.

  • 80% of of the people picking up the mail are the primary grocery shoppers of the household.

  • Women make up more than 85% of all household purchases.

Women have the most buying power in the household, hands down. When sending direct mail, try to market to women as much as your brand will allow (within reason of course).

3. Customers Actually Read It

  • An astounding 92% of customers say they prefer direct mail over other types of mediums for making purchasing decisions.

  • Around 74% of people always or sometimes notice advertising in direct mail.

  • Customers that receive direct mail have a response rate of about 3.7%, compared to 0.2% mobile, 0.1% social media, and 0.02% internet advertising.

Direct mail still makes the greatest impression out of all other advertising mediums, despite being one of the oldest. Add in the fact that most companies are using exclusively email, it means your customers mailbox has less advertising to compete with, giving you the advantage.

Wrapping Up

Direct mail may be on of the oldest types of advertising, but customers much more prefer it over digital marketing of all mediums. With more people interacting with direct mail and creating a connection with it, it has the most impact of purchasing decisions. We here at ShannonLoren are well equipped to help you with all of your direct mail advertising, creative services, shipping and fulfillment, promotional marketing and so much more.



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